How it works

We empower individuals and foundations
to build their own credit unions and
to act like credit card issuers.

Then, on the other hand,
the invited users and SMEs
make transactions on their demands.


Lend Money

Easily control & monitor your lending. Reduce investment risk by distrubuting funds to different groups you trust.


Borrow Money

Always have access to funds via groups of those who trust you. Get instant credit at a better rate than your credit cards.




Our reminders will help you keep track of all you borrowing and lending needs. Don't miss a payment deadline. Create your own reminders.


Simple Borrowing

Borrow money at an instant. Build your social credit rating and get supported by your social network.


Controlled Lending

A highly streamlined lending platform. Distribute your risk amongest people you trust. Get a better return on your money than from your savings account.


Fee Free!

You can offer interest free loans to your friends and family at no cost. We don't charge a fee until somebody makes money.


Visual Money

We make money use easy by being highly visual. Keep track of all your banking needs on our platform.


QR Code

QR Code enables us to link online to offline and vice versa.


Love to try App?

Great! Let us invite you in iOS testflight. Or we will let you know when Android version is released.

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